Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is Me....

I am a 39 yr old woman who has 4 kids and a fresh straight jacket in the closet....and I deserve it. My life has been pretty plan till few years ago and my husband my boyfriend both died and not together in a bed. lol and my cat ran away....and I now live with my boyfriends brother.....ok I'm either a candidate for Jerry Springer or someone should write a country song about my life....tell ya what happens first. lol

So I dont seem to have much luck with men lately ummm that if I start to date again I will hand out four leave clovers to all my boyfriends just for luck. lol I imagine garlic necklaces too but that is for vampires right not sure. I dont do vampires but fat hairy men.

What did you say....fat hairy men yes It is my fetish. Yes it sound weird but really it is not. If I dated or marry a fat hairy man I would have dinner if the world ran out of ok eww but anyways if your cold he can warm you up and if you go bald just shave his bum and back for a is a plan right. So all hail fat hairy men!!!!!!

Oh yea I am highly addicted to this game called Runescape....lvl 119 and that means I have spent ahellva alot of time on it 4 or 5 years (what is that in dog years? lol) Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and feel the urge to play and to that I say ADDICTED MUCH!!! lol I have had dreams of being lost in a town in runescape. If my pixel could talk she say Hey give me a break and get a life. lol I want to go on vacation to shilo. roflol

So that is just part of my insane life and I could go on and on but well my addiction is kicking in and I must return to my second home called runescape.


In all seriousness my life hasnt been horrible...had some great times and have learned to love. Which is most important thing to me. Now I dont consider myself a hard core bible thumper but God has help me through my insane life.

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